Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unibrow Blessings

You read it right.  Unibrow.  Blessings.  Together.

I have been crazy busy and just plain crazy.  Many of you are the same, though probably not as much of the latter as me.  It's okay.  Anyway, after so many of you who are just plain crazy gave my last blog post a crazy amount of readership, I disappeared into my craziness and took another extended time away.

I'm back.  With thoughts on unibrows.  Hopefully, it was worth the wait.

So, lately I've been a bit overwhelmed by yucky stuff on earth that just makes me yearn a bit more than ever for heaven.  And to keep myself from becoming too melancholy, I go to my Unibrow Blessings list.  Things I'm grateful for, no matter what junk this life throws my way.

For instance:

1)  Unibrows.  Well, thankfully, I don't have a full-on one of these babies any more, but I do still grow enough eyebrow hair that I surely could qualify as a donor at Hair Club for Men.  However, I'm grateful for my often unruly and unkempt eyebrows.  You see, when I was in junior high, my grandmother was going through chemo.  I sat in her bedroom one, vain, selfish, preteen day and suddenly noticed her brushing  her hair...right out of her head.  Then, I saw her wipe her eyebrows...right off her face. Thankful for the brows.

2)  Laundry.  I 've mentioned my love/hate relationship with this part of human life before.  But, if you know me at all, you know I equate mounds of clothing (currently, teenage-boy-summer-job-roofing-jeans) with children in my house.  Gotta' love children in the house.  Blessings.

3)  Occasional headaches.  Whaaat?  Well, for a decade I had make-you-puke migraines.  (Following a decade in which I didn't believe in them at all...I know...I know...)  God has brought me great relief in this area and so when the occasional discomfort comes along, I'm like, "Thank you, Lord!  I'm so glad I don't have these all the time anymore!!"

4)  Skunks under my house.  See last blog.

5)  Poopie diaper changing gig in the church nursery.  Aromatic sign of a growing church.  Lots of churches don't have babies at all.

6)  Car out of gas...which mine is right now.  Thankful I have a car to gas.

7)  A classroom that is a mess and not in any way ready for another school year.  A reminder that I have been blessed with a job in a very, very bad time for teachers to get jobs...let alone one a block from their homes!

8)  Memories of loved ones already departed from this life.  Thankful that I carry in a most convenient compartment snapshots of amazing people who God gave me the honor of knowing - even though it may not seem like it was for long enough.  I am who I am because of many of them and I am better for knowing all of them.

9) Dishes in my sink.  This symbolizes the fact that food is coming into the home and stomachs.  Hooray!

10) Bills.  Okay, these truly stink.  But, just when I think, "Will it ever end?!" I remember that God has paid my eternal  Amazing.

What are your Unibrow Blessings?  You know, things that could seem not-so-good but may only serve to remind you of how blessed you truly are.

Here's looking at your forehead!