Monday, July 9, 2012

There's Always One...

Look at the kid on the far right.  Notice anything? What was going on in that little preschool head of his?

How about, "I recall being perfectly clear that it was 'Pumbaa' I wanted." Or maybe, "Is this a girl toy?  If it is, I am so not playing with it!"

Most likely, "Why, for the love of Mike, does my mother dress me in these fruity wind suits?!"

Whatever he was thinking, this cracks me up.  It's a classic, pictoral example of one of my cave family theories.

There's always one.

There's always one who isn't happy at the water park.  He forgot his goggles. His aqua-socks are "squinchin'" his feet.  The "lazy river" is too "lazy."  The clearance swimsuit (cheap cave-mommy bought) he's wearing is actually some other kind of bottom-covering garment.  Meaning, it is missing that net-underwear thing guys need inside their shortage. And then, there's the ever-popular sunblock making him "scratchy." And "scratchy" typically leads to "whiny." 

There's always one who isn't happy with the vehicle seating arrangement.  There's always one who forgets he has homework.  There's always one who forgets it's his turn to put the snake back in the habitat. (That last one may be a little more specific to my cave.  Oh, the reptile stories I could tell!)

When you start bringing kids into your may find yourself muttering, "There's always one!" on occasion.

I used to look at my three and question, "What do you guys do?  Do you pow-wow every night for a game of 'rock-paper-scissors' to see who is going to give Mom grief the next day?!"  Additionally, I would ask the Lord if a time would ever come when the musketeers would just get it all together...simultaneously.

But, you know...the theory of "there's always one" has its upsides.  The odds can be very favorable for a cave to experience some pretty sweet stuff, too.  Such as...

There's always one who will play with you when nobody else on the block will.

There's always one who will give Mom a hug, just when she needs it.

There's always one who will say "thanks" when everyone else forgets.

There's always one who can make the others laugh...right when they're about to cry.

Which one do I want to be today?

Which one do you want to be today?

Let's up the odds.


  1. My aunt always says you need to have more than one child so when people ask you how are your kids? You always have something positive to say from atleast one of them. (THere is always one!)

  2. That's awesome! Wish I'd thought of this! :) God bless you and yours in your cave today...and may they all be on the positive page!

  3. Yep, I have a picture of my One today. Grouching on the way to kids camp. (I swear that mine are tag teaming that role, since I have girl hormones and a teenage boy.)

    (For the record, if I ever visit, please hide the snakes!!!!)

    1. Sadly, we no longer keep snake habitats...or keep any pet, for that matter. (I kind of typed "sadly" with sarcastic fingers.) Praying for that "one" at kids' camp! Hoping for some good stuff to hear about when the camper returns!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog and this is another great one! You definitely give me a lot of insight as to what I have to look forward to, lol! We are expecting number 3 in February. Don't ever stop blogging so I can come here for advice, encouragement and laughter :). Love ya and congrats on being a grandmother soon!
    Leslie Moore

    1. Thank you for such kind words of encouragement! I'm honored you read! So excited for baby number 3!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  5. So good to hear that I'm not the only one who experiences these things! I have OFTEN wondered why they can't just all be happy at the same time! Maybe it's a conspiracy, like you said. They're just trying to keep me ony toes- wouldn't want things to get boring or predictable. ;)

  6. Boring or, peaceful and happy...yes! :) I can promise more than just a few of us relate!