Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cavewomen Unite!

I am a cavewoman.

No cryogenics have been involved, and I don't live in a subterranean house. But, I am a 21st century cavewoman...

It has been well over two decades since I first stepped inside my cave, but the memories of that day remain fresh and clear...unlike the air within the actual dwelling! I have endured the hardships of living in tight quarters with males lacking good communication skills. I have also learned how to function in life while often lacking the proper resources. Like making pretend swords out of foil and cardboard, as well as feeding four people at McDonald's on $2.85. So, if you stopped by hoping to read about how we as women must struggle and conquer to survive and thrive...you may not be entirely disappointed.

I don't always buy into the "power of positive thinking" as I have been incredibly positive about having pets, sleepovers and natural childbirth - and a whole lot of good that did me! But, I do hope to bring a little ray of light into the musty, dark caves all women find themselves in from time to time. Whether you work in the home or out of the home, have skin that is yellow, black or white, have money or don't, went to college or didn't - if you are the the keeper of your cave - I have news for you! You are a cavewoman...and I say we wear the moniker with pride! (That doesn't necessarily mean we start wearing dino bones in our hair or burn bras or anything. Well, we could probably eat some cookie dough from time to time...that would be good...at first...then we would feel sick and be angry with ourselves for all blowing our diets that we just started that morning, but...oh,well!)

When you have a spare moment - like when the men are making fire and the children are not - stop back by for a visit...we cavewomen have to totally stick together. Oh! And if the kids are at grandma's (or maybe even college!) in your near future, you might have a precious morsel of time to check out my new book..."Diary of a Cavewoman"...easy read full of encouragement for women of all ages and stages! You can find it on my website at www.diaryofacavewoman.com.

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  1. Very happy for your new venture!! BTW, since I'm your very FIRST follower, (and why isn't your caveman your first follower?) shouldn't I receive some sort of great prize?!?! Lol! Like, maybe a signed copy of your book??? Miss you, woman--or should I say, CAVEwoman?!