Saturday, January 19, 2013

If You See This Person, Please Call...

Natural disasters.  School shootings.  Terrorists threats.

"Where's God in all of this?"  That seems to be the question of the day.

Actually...I don't think most people even need major tragedies to ask.  

Traffic. A cold. Cranky co-workers. Hot water pipes that keep freezing up.  Broken dishwasher.

I haven't written in a while.  And some of you may have asked...if I may be so self-indulgent to assume... "Where is she?"

 I've been asking myself the same thing lately.

And it's a good thing.

You see, we can always know where God is at...we're the ones who are often missing in action.

Truly, where am I?  Am I right in the middle of what God wants me to do?  Am I where my kids can reach and be reassured by me? Am I where my husband can call out to and count on me?  Am I where my friends can turn to and be comforted by me?  Am I where my students can listen to and learn from me?  Am I where other parents can see, hear and be encouraged by me?

Am I where God can use me?

Where is God?  Here.  Like always.  I've worked with children and families for going on three decades now.  Trust me, if God wasn't in the would be seeing tragedies of epic proportions each and every day. Maybe each and every minute.

We live in a fallen world and sadly, as long as we inhabit this place...we will experience tragedies.  In all shapes and sizes.

God's grace, hopefully coupled with those of us who can be "found,"  is what will make a difference.

Where are you today?

Don't make God come looking for you.  Make sure you're already where He wants you to be.


  1. Thanks for the reminder!! Thaks a lot!! This also makes me think about how many times am I on "auto-pilot" rather than full on engaged with my heart?! God is never anything less than that with me, and more!!

  2. Wow. Love the "auto-pilot" vs "full-on engaged" picture. So true. Thanks for reading and for sharing!

  3. I felt like I was asking "where's God???" every hour and a half I was having to wake up last night for the Little One! I'm trying to cherish the late night moments with her, and take advantage of them as a rare time to sit "alone" with God, and recognize a dark, quiet room in the middle of the night with a drowsy little baby is exactly where I'm called to be in this season of life!

    I look forward to reading more!!

  4. Wow...I am teary, Mrs. Padgett! That's truly beautiful and profound. You are so wise to cherish this special time in your life. God's best for you and your precious, young family!