Friday, July 12, 2013

Christian Wart Club

You may not have heard of this organization...but, it's huge.  And at times, I'm pretty sure I've been Member-of-the-Year.  Maybe of the Century.

I worry. I confess.  I say, "No, I'm just concerned,"  or "No, I'm just being realistic."  That's what I say.  I say a lot of junk.

Thank God that I most often read His Word before I try to pass anything along to you.  This so keeps you from getting the brunt of my junk.

So, this morning...I'm praying. Well, I'm whining to God. I'm worried. I'm all, "God, if You don't show up in this situation or that situation...well, what will people think?  They won't see Your glory.  They won't see that Christians win...or are successful...or are amazing."

I don't know what your Bible weighs, but mine feels like 182 pounds when it lands up side of my head.

This is what God said to me today. Clearly.

"You worry about what people think. I worry about people."

Make that 382 pounds.

Okay, let's really put "concern" where we have "worry." We know God doesn't worry and doesn't approve of worry.  But, He is loving and compassionate and concerned.

We can either walk around being concerned about people's thoughts or actions or words...or we can walk around being concerned about people.  We can continue to be concerned about how other people can hurt, abuse, slander or use us...or we can begin to just be concerned about people.

If I'm really all about my spreading the Good News of the cool hope one can have in Christ...I probably should stop being such a wart. Who wants those? What purpose do they serve?  And, side note, they're gross.

If I am concerned about the things God is concerned about...I will stop worrying altogether.  I will see everything in an opportunity to somehow love people and reconcile them to the Father.

I'm cutting up my CWC card right now.

Who's with me?

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