Friday, July 5, 2013

Finding Mighty in the Messy

Here are two of my boy-men cleaning through some of their junk a month or so ago. It was my belated Mother's Day gift.

When they were growing up, all I ever asked for on Mother's Day was "no fighting." Now that they're grown up, all I ask for is that they retrieve the "treasures" that are too valuable to throw away...but, not quite valuable enough for them to lovingly store or display in their own abodes.

For those of you about to weep at the thought of me holding a trash bag and yelling at my offspring to pitch their first pair of baby shoes...relax.  I've got the shoes, locks of hair and tiny little "home from the hospital" outfits tucked away in the cedar chest. I think...

Anyway, we're not talking baby shoes.  We're talking size 13 shoe.  Track shoe, to be exact...and ONE, at that. And, no offense, but it's not like the kid wore it in the Olympics. And, possible offense, son, go buy an Odor Eater (you'll only need one) reeks.

So, I trudge upstairs and this is what I find.  Two men, lingering over an array of camp pictures from 2003. And the occasional Lego head. That they've been looking for since 2003.

I couldn't get mad at their progress...or lack thereof.  You see, in the middle of that room, in the middle of that floor, in the middle of that laughing, men-children were sharing mighty moments.

Epiphany. I'm not going to get all "life is like a box of chocolates." I wish. Chocolates - even the ones with the disgusting coconut filling - would be a lot better than what life is really like.  I'm going to get all "life is like a junk drawer."  Probably won't get stitched on a pillow or framed on the wall of a Brookstone.

But, it's true.  Life is full of junk.  Man made it that way. It's so not God's fault.  But, what is God's doing is the mighty things we find in the holder of so much messy.

If you have been journeying with me for even just a little know I serve the same God I've always served...but, have definitely changed my thinking about how He works.  And it's been a very, very good thing.

Asking Him in to control my life has not - and while I live as a human - never will give me a perfect life.  I just get a mighty, perfect God at the helm of a mighty, messy existence.

Guess what?  The junk drawer those two were supposed to be eliminating is still looking pretty iffy.  But, when I open it now - in their absence - I see the mighty.

Mementos...reminders...testimonies of messy lives invaded by a mighty God.

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